Friday, September 18, 2009


The ERDAS APOLLO 2010 has been released at the beginning of this week!! For the ERDAS Enterprise Products, we will have a very detailed BETA Web Page providing procedures, documentation, video short tutorials (*new*), announcement and FAQ's. It's not too late, contact your ERDAS Sales Rep to participate!!

The first week has been a GREAT week! The Geoprocessing workflow feedback has been excellent!! What I'm particularly VERY PROUD of this release is not just that we have an interoperable WPS and can perform such AMAZINGLY COMPLEX spatial workflows within a single process, but the WORKFLOW of WPS is so smooth and easy to use. From the publishing experience for Analyst users (THANKS IMAGINE TEAM) to the management of processes on the server, to the execution through a thin client (web browser) of models by end users who don't know imagery or remote sensing AT ALL...the end to end use case is AWESOME!!

If your end users need ADVANCED Spatial Modeling and INTEROPERABLE delivery of data and spatial modeling products...AND your looking at MAN YEARS of customization of your existing proprietary system or NEVER ENDING full blown core development of your extremely limited, disconnected OPEN SOURCE project (because these are the only options that exist today), ERDAS IS YOUR SOLUTION!!

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