Friday, September 26, 2008

EAIM 2009 Release

It's official! The ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager 2009 has been released!!!

What a great major release of the EAIM 2009! The software bundle has also been repositioned so that every EAIM 2009 purchase recieves an ERDAS APOLLO Server 2009 as well to provide Enterprise Vector Service Enabling (WMS, WFS-T).

In addition, two major wins for the EAIM 2009 coinciding with this release, both with direct head-to-head evaluations with the competitor!

1. The British Transport Police
2. 3001

If you have large volumes of raster data that you need to server to multiple GIS/Remote Sensing/Web/Open Source clients, you need to check this out!

Just to bullet one particular feature in this release, I'm VERY happy with the Defense Formats for EAIM 2009! NITF and TFRD with RPC's or Defense Sensor Models, NO PROBLEM! The EAIM will catalog this imagery, utilize the related terrain source to perform "ortho-on-the-fly" and deliver GIS ready imagery for real time access through WMS and WCS and also available for download as orthorectified imagery through the Clip, Zip and Ship web based workflow. DTED, CADRG, ADRG, CIB all supported. AWSOME!

The EAIM 2009 is the most comprehensive gridded data server in the world! The EAIM will deliver data in any protocol you require:

1. WMS
2. WCS
5. Out-of-Band

You have to see the WebEx presentations scheduled for October!