Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ERDAS Apollo Image Manager 2009

There is so much NEW in this August 2008 version...EVEN THE NAME! The Leica Image Manager has now been renamed to the ERDAS Apollo Image Manager 2009! We have also "synched" our version numbers with our flagship application ERDAS IMAGINE to v.9.3.

This version marks a MAJOR milestone in the ERDAS Apollo Enterprise Software Suite. the EAIM 2009 is a true vertical market solution developed on the Apollo Enterprise SDK (release Feb 09) and now comes with the Apollo Platform, a full vector management and OGC Web Services Platform!!!! Not only manage imagery, but manage vectors from disperate data sources, create, style and publish WMS, WFS, WCS services and catalog them in the NEW Apollo Catalog.

The BETA Release has been announced today! Get your BETA ON!

Whats New?

1. An end-to-end WEB BASED Clip, Zip and Ship Workflow
2. JPIP SERVER!!!! Integrated with the EAIM 2009 Data model and WEB SDK through the ERDAS Web Plugins. Who's ready for web based JPIP!!!
2. NITF 2.1 support (with commercial and defense RPC sensor model support and Defense Sensor Models with the Defense Productivity Module)!!!!
3. Defense format support - DOD Metadata support, CIB, ADRG, CADRG, USRP Direct Read and custom GI Crawler behaviors
4. MORE Data Model enhancements (see EAIM 2009, Modeling Gridded Data Whitepaper)
5. New Styplized Web Client
6. Apollo Platform Product included out of the box!
7. Performance Enhancements
8. Single FlexNET Licensing for all ERDAS Software

I'm really excited about this version and getting it released to the market. Grab onto your seats folks and get ready for the ERDAS Enterprise Software Suite!!!