Thursday, December 17, 2009

ERDAS APOLLO 2010 Proves Itself as the "Fastest" Raster Imagery Server

Chris Tweedie of our ERDAS Australia Region has recently reproduced the FOSS4G raster imagery performance benchmark tests using ERDAS APOLLO to compare the results and has published them on his blog:

Here are the Results of ERDAS APOLLO 2010 using the FOSS3G Test Sceneario

We've all been really busy with the Recent APOLLO 2010 Release, but Chris made it a priority to get these numbers completed and published. Nice work Chris!

Chris did a great job of providing graphs for Image Format performance for each Map Server and graphs for Throughput and Response Times for each format with each Map Server to make it comparable by Server or by Format/Server.

Some analysis of the results:

1. ECW imagery format is a "performance purpose" built imagery format. The throughput of ERDAS APOLLO with the ECW format is 2.5 the Open Source Servers at a 150 user load and can support a much higher load than 150 which wasn't represented in the this test scenario. The throughput curve had a steep positive slope even at 150 users where the other servers were peaked out with throughput at the 150 user measurement.

2. ERDAS APOLLO outperformed each Open Source server on every image format with the highest Throughput (transactions/second) and lowest Average Response Times (the time that it takes to get the image on your map). ERDAS APOLLO outperformed open source with every image format in the test.

ERDAS will be providing several webinars and whitepapers regarding the subject of "Raster Imagery Performance" to showcase the ERDAS APOLLO 2010 and it's performance capabilities.

Keep in mind that these numbers do not even showcase our faster imagery protocols that we provide with ERDAS APOLLO....

ECWP and our Optimized Tile Delivery are MUCH faster and support much higher user loads compared to the WMS protocol (THOUSANDS of users on a standard server). In short, we can produce maps MUCH FASTER than these numbers published with the "slowest" protocol provided by the APOLLO 2010.

Good work again Chris...