Friday, April 10, 2009

EAIM 2009 R2 Released

The ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager 2009 R2 has officially been RELEASED!! The performance improvements are incredible! HUGE Volumes of imagery in their original formats delivered even faster! Please request the EAIM Performance Benchmarks Whitepaper to see the numbers...I'm very, very happy with the results.

The new high performance catalog with CSW interface has made such a huge difference in all aspects of the software. Not only from a user experience in WMS and CSW Catalog Search response times but the ability of a single server to handle a large load of web clients, concurrent GI Crawlers and CPU intensive jobs (i.e. Clip, Zip and Ship).

GET READY for the market previews of the ERDAS APOLLO Web Processing Service (WPS)!!!! I've never been so excited about a software feature before!! A preview will be coming in the NEW ERDAS Labs website soon, so stay tuned!!

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