Thursday, March 13, 2008

Technical Training

Please excuse my tardy post...I have been extremely busy catching up on my Product Management duties since my trip to Atlanta for the Technical Training Week.

Leica Geosystems provides world class training for staff, distributors and business partners. There were two major tracts; Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry and Enterprise Products. The Leica Image Manager was a day and a half course with 60 attendees.

Course Agenda:

1. Intro to the Leica Image Manager
2. Pre-requisite setup, Installation and Configuration
3. Post Installation Tuning
4. Use Cases - Data Manager, Web Client, IMAGINE and "other" clients

The highlight is of course allowing all 60 users use the server simultaneously with any client! It's great to see the server perform so well, we could have handled many, many more usmosaicers!

We used IMAGINE (WMS, WCS Image Formats), ArcMap, UDIG, Open Layers, Gaia, UDig, ArcExplorer and more!

Here's some common misconceptions from the class that are important to point out:

Misconception 1: The Leica Image Manager is a tile server.

This is absolutely and unequivocally false! The Leica Image Manager does not "burn" tiles at any time for any purpose. We utilize the source imagery to produce portrayed maps on the fly! We'll read, mosaic, reproject and portray the data..."on the fly"!

Misconception 2: The Leica Image Manager takes a lot of Image Pre-processing

Again...false! There is no pre-processing required for your data. We support any number of bands, band combinations and pixel depth (true 16 bit). We utilize the data "early" in the image processing chain and can provide map quality imagery on demand.

Misconception 3: OGC Web Services are slow.

Again...unequivocally false! Our performance testing framework simulates a ramp up 50 users making simultaneous WMS requests (make another WMS request immediately after validating the WMS response) and averages 2 sec/request on a two core CPU server!!!! We really challenged the class to "load" the server in the class with 60 users and the server performed flawlessly. Thats with large map dimension requests and any client!

The class went good, I learned a lot in the other sessions and it was a great week.

Look forward to the Leica Image Manager Public Server to come on line early next week. Get ready to test the server yourself early next week from a public server. Get your username/password assigned request in today!!!!

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